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We just launched new branding for Dr. Emmo's Pet First Aid products and they recently appeared on the Today show as part of a segment for battling dog smells.

today show 1

today show 2

Ear Care Rinse was showcased on the segment showing how dogs with smelly ears can be helped. Other products in the line include Wound Care Spray Wash and Spray Gel to help clean and protect cuts and scrapes without the need to touch or wipe. An Eye Care Wash is also available.

With the tagline, Be Prepared. Everywhere.™ the Dr. Emmo's brand intends to have pet owners ready with these products on-hand before there is a need. Similar to having a first aid kit for people. Learn more at

Use color that pops. But be sure it makes sense.

Used correctly, color is a great way to get attention without shouting in an ad.

You also want your colors to work with the feeling of the brand (serious, fun, agressive, playful, sexy, etc.) Your colors need to work with the environment in which the ad is being placed (print, outdoor, etc).

This doesn't apply to only advertising. It's an approach for getting attention anywhere – websites, direct mail, business cards even.

Not sure how to stand out in your crowd. We can help.

Hi I'm Lindi

I’m Lindi and I’m a new member of the creative team here at Avenue 25. My background includes formal design training and some memorable ad campaigns you’ve likely seen on billboards all over the Phoenix Valley.

I also am a hip hop dancer, volunteer at The Boys & Girls Club and have an “enormously” sweet Great Dane named Beatrix Kiddo.

If you’re looking for great design – logos, branding, collateral, trade show graphics, ads, large format, publication, packaging, web & more – I’m your girl.


1. Grab them.

A good advertisement must grab people almost immediately. It is very important that your ad can be able to grab someone who glances for just a second. Force people to take a second glance instead of simply moving on. That's when your message will get seen. 

Email marketing works. We know that. But how often should you send them? Clients ask this question all the time. Until recently, our answer usually had something to do with how much time you want to devote to writing one (or hire us to do it) and either quarterly, monthly and in a few rare instances, weekly. But a 2013 study of over 2 billion emails indicates daily emails get the highest open rates, by a landslide. Check out these “open” and “click” rates of emails sent monthly, weekly and daily (compared to the overall average)… MONTHLY: opens -26.6% / clicks -37.0%. WEEKLY : opens +27.1%, clicks +50.6%, DAILY: opens +27.8%, clicks +100.3%. Assuming you are using the right subject lines, engaging design, relevant content and calls to action, sending daily emails means more business.

Avenue 25 is a top ranked boutique Phoenix web design, marketing, graphic design and advertising agency. Call us when you’re ready to take your business to the next level.

Before web design, before the internet, even before computers, most companies relied on small print ads, great copywriting and really great graphic designers to sell their product.

Arguably some of the best ads were found in the back of our favorite comic books. Perhaps you remember this one? Who wouldn’t want to buy these things? I think I did twice. Now that’s an effective ad that made the company millions.

So why do so many businesses today seem to care more about speed and cost of an advertisement than the quality of its creativity?

Avenue 25 was voted best graphic design and best phoenix web design firm. So call us when you're ready to put your marketing and advertising dollars to work.

According to an upcoming 2013 Digital Marketing Report, 20% of all search clicks were captured by 5 websites. Yes, you read that right -- a big fat FIVE websites!  I bet you can guess at least three of them... Check out a sneak peak of the report at the Experian Blog.

What does this mean for you? If you want to grasp a portion of search clicks, SEO (search engine optimization) is more important than ever. Contact Avenue 25 Advertising and Design for a free search engine ranking report and see how you measure up. Avenue 25 Advertising was voted 2013 Best Phoenix Web Design, Programming and Management Firm. We are a full service, Phoenix advertising agency and graphic designers ready to take on your projects!

Voted 2013 Best Web Design, Programming & Management Firm in the Valley – Arizona Foothills Magazine

Thanks to you, Avenue 25 Advertising, Website and Graphic Design studio has been recognized as the “Best of our Valley” once again for 2013! We now proudly add Best Web Design Firm in Phoenix to our 2011 Best Graphic Design Studio title.

What do you think makes us the best? (a) our outside-the-box creative thinking (b) our technical expertise (c) our professional and fun customer service (d) our 22-year agency history or (e) all of the above. Thanks for all the support!

After more New Year’s celebrations than I care to count, I’ve discovered how to make a New Year resolution that “sticks.” Below I’m sharing some realities that I have discovered about this popular endeavor.

Reality #1 – Generic resolutions such as “Grow the Business,” and “Be a Better Person” are noble ideas, but lack focus. They’re too broad, vague and generic for most of us to be held accountable. Resolutions should be custom-fit, specific and measureable. Try something like “I’ll make three sales calls every morning before 9 am.”

Reality #2 – We have short attention spans and 365 days is a very long time. By summertime, most of us forgot we even had a resolution (or 2 or 3). If we can turn our goal into a habit, we are more likely to stick to it. This points us back to the importance of being specific with our resolution.

Reality #3 – Our small changes are more satisfying and pragmatic than the sweeping transformations we dream about. Becoming an entirely new person really only happens in movies. The rest of us need to celebrate our small victories such as making a healthy choice at lunch, facing procrastination head-on with an hour of filing or finding patience for the elderly person ahead of us in line who is making us late for our next appointment.

I accept that I will not become an new “me” this year, but with a little more focus of the immediate choices and goals within my reach, I will settle on an improved version. I suggest you do the same. Happy New Year!

Kelly Pile is the VP of Operations at Avenue 25, Advertising, Website & Design, voted 2013 Best Phoenix Web Design, Programming and Management Firm and 2011 Best Graphic Design Firm in Phoenix. We are an Arizona ad agency serving local and national businesses for over 20 years.

facebook phoenix web designAs a leading Phoenix web design, advertising agency, graphic design and marketing firm, we spend quite a bit of time drilling into what is and isn’t working for hundreds of clients. In the past year or so our social media team has recognized fewer connections with the fans of the Facebook pages we manage for our clients. Not all of the fans we worked so hard to develop have been receiving the posts. These are people who have asked to receive our posts.

Alas, we were not losing our minds. Facebook recently admitted “…messages now reach, on average, just 15 percent of an account’s fans. In a wonderful coincidence, Facebook has rolled out a solution for this problem: Pay them for better access.” “As their advertising head, Gokul Rajaram, explained, if you want to speak to the other 80 to 85 percent of people who signed up to hear from you, ‘sponsoring posts is important’.” (NY Observer.)

So what does this mean? After spending time and money developing your fan base and social media strategy on Facebook’s system, you will now have to pay to play. Gotcha! This is their website by the way. They make the rules.

Online marketing moves like this are to be expected. That's why your online strategy must be built on a foundation of strong, independent, customer follow-up and engagement tools such as email marketing and new customer development tools like SEO and SEM. Your web site should be designed with lead generating features and built to function as the heart of your online interaction. Need help? Give us a call, we're happy to meet with you. We love this stuff!

Your brand is your most valuable asset, and strong brands don’t happen by accident. How do you want to be perceived? Without a brand strategy you have an identity crisis. When consistency is most important, your business will suffer with schizophrenic messaging. Throwing ideas at the wall and hoping they stick is not how to run a successful business.

Your brand is not your logo. Your logo reflects your brand. Branding identifies the personality of your business, product or service. It is a succinct, written recipe used to direct all of your marketing efforts including web design, logo design, messaging, graphic design, advertising, social media, etc. Branding must be strategically planned and well executed. It is the essential groundwork upon which all your marketing initiatives are based.

What are your goals? Who are you targeting? What are their hot buttons? How are your competitors perceived? What differentiates you? What makes you better and different? How are you to be perceived in the marketplace? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered when developing an effective brand strategy. Avenue 25 is a Phoenix advertising agency that develops strategic branding initiatives for local and national brands. We are a top Phoenix web design, graphic design and marketing firm providing complete in-house services to Arizona and national organizations of all size. Give us a call.

3 sentence elevator speech“So what do you do?” is a question we all get when meeting someone for the first time. If you flip burgers at a fast food joint, then go ahead and tell her you’re a rocket scientist. But if you’re a business professional, you better have an effective 10 to 15 second answer to this question.

The wrong answer here like “I’m a dentist” might lead to their next question being “have you tried the artichoke dip?” The right answer could lead to your next big client. The right answer might be “I’m a cosmetic dentist with VanGlow, we specialize in high-end cosmetic procedures. I do my best to create perfect new smiles for vain teenagers with indulgent parents, but most of my clients are high-profile people from all over the world. And I’ll tell you there’s never a dull moment.” Now you’re interesting and you’re making them think. They want to hear more. You’re selling them without them even suspecting it.

How to write it: You could follow one of those extremely complex methods and bore them with a 2 minute answer. Or you can use this short, effective formula that I made up. This seems to keep the conversation flowing. Sentence #1: Your position, the business name and what your product or service is. Sentence #2: The type of clients you serve (no more than 3) and no more than 3 primary benefits they get out of the deal. Sentence #3: Something that makes them curious and want to hear more.

There. Now that you have that perfect elevator speech figured out, make sure everyone in your organization is using it!

Avenue 25 is one of the top ranked Phoenix web design, graphic design, branding and Phoenix advertising agencies. If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, give our ad agency a call. From branding to logos to web design and marketing, we do it all and we do it right. No...this is not my elevator speec...


Advertising agencies love it when a client gives them free reign to do what they want. That had to be what BGH Air Conditioners in Argentina did with their agency Del Campo Saatchi & Saatchi recently. It's all about branding here and having fun with it. After all, who hasn't had a father, husband or granfather appear in a similar mortifying position at some inopportune moment in life? We can all relate, have a good laugh and thank BGH Air Conditioners for lightening up our day!

Avenue 25 is a top ranked Phoenix advertising agency and Phoenix web design firm. Let us put our traditional and internet marketing skills to work for you. Our website designers, graphic design and marketing professionals know how to do it right.

It surprises me that so many businesses don’t realize how important their Google rank is to their business. Companies who do “get it” happily spend thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on search engine optimization for their website every year and are making a killing. They’re picking up their customers and your customers too. They know when their site ranks well the return on their investment can be staggering. But just how many people will click on your site if it’s ranked # 1 versus #5 or even #10? Slingshot SEO completed an enormous 6 month web study to find out. Here’s what they found regarding website position and percentage of searchers who clicked on the listings: #1 position = 18.2%, #2 = 10.05%, #3 = 7.22%, 4 = 4.81%, 5 = 3.09%, 6 = 2.76%, 7 = 1.88%, 8 = 1.75%, 9 = 1.52%, 10 = 1.04%. If you’re on page 2 or more, forget about it because it’s much less than 1%.

So what does this mean? Say your Chinese restaurant website is in the 7th position on Google for the search phrase “Phoenix Chinese Restaurant” and 10,000 people search for “Phoenix Chinese Restaurant” this month. It stands to reason this would lead to 188 visits to your website. But if you’re in the #1 position, your website should get about 1,820 visitors this month, roughly 9x the amount of web traffic as when you were #7. That’s an enormous difference for climbing just a few positions under one search phrase. Now what if you were also ranked #1, 2 or 3 for numerous other search phrases as well? See where this is going? You have to ask yourself how much is 9x, 100x or even several thousand times more visitors to your website worth to you? Website optimization is where it's at!

Avenue 25 is the top ranked web design Phoenix website designers in AZ. As a top ad agency Phoenix internet marketing firm and SEO company, we know how to make your website busy. Come to the professional marketing ...

bbc interactive web design video

We love fun stuff, so we had to show you this quirky new interactive BBC iPlayer video. It's creative, techy, web designer fun that most "suits" in any large organization would consider a waste of time and money. That's why we also give a round of applause to the BBC "suits" who either approved this project or had the cajones to let the creative team have a little fun on the company dime.
Avenue 25 are leading Phoenix web designers, intenet marketing and branding professionals here to kick you and your business up a notch.

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