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Whether it's a cursing parrot or a catchy company video, once it goes viral there is no going back. Viral videos are as their name implies, videos that have caught on with a large number of people. You have all seen them before, it's that link you get in your email saying you have to watch this funny clip. Avenue 25 has been doing online videos for a few years now but with the help of Youtube online videos have taken on a whole new meaning. A viral video is a great and affordable way to get your business out there; all you need is a little creativity. Check out this recent viral video Avenue 25 completed for Desert Troon Company.

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google adwords marketingWonder What the Big Names Spend on Google Ads?

According to Advertising Age try this on for size...

"In two months, BP went from spending very little on search advertising -- about $57,000 a month -- to becoming one of Google's top advertisers, dropping nearly $3.6 million in the month of June alone [...] Expedia, which spent at least $5.9 million in June, Amazon, which spent at least $5.8 million, and eBay, which spent at least $4.2 million. [...] Google's top advertisers that month, AT&T Mobile, spent more than $8 million on AdWords in June."

Interested in advertising on Google? Avenue 25 not only designs websites, but we're the best around when it comes to pay per click campaigns, search engine optimization and internet marketing. Give us a call!

Let's face it, social media is big and it's here to stay. In fact, FaceBook has become so popular that on any give day, more people us it over Google. Wow, talk about a paradigm shift! But how can your business get the most out of its FaceBook page? Well, now there's a great new website called the SOCIAL PAGE EVALUATOR that acutally measures your FaceBook page's return on investment. This free tool analyzes your company FaceBook page and makes recomendations to help you get the most out of it. It will even tell you how much POTENTIAL return on investment you could get from your page if you maximized your efforts.


I personally believe Digg is one of the most underrated social media sites on the web. What it is: DIGG is a social news site where people go to add and read news about just about anything. If you have a business, you should be writing news about it here. The more people who "digg" your article, the higher it places in the Digg ranks. Bloggers go here to digg up good subjects and articles for their blogs. Digg is also a very popular place to store your website links. --  SEO Value:  High  -  Search engines like to see that lots of people have links to your site on their Digg profile pages. It’s a great place for keyword link ranking assistance. Your website will also get indexed quicker because Google loves Digg articles and so do bloggers who will post your story on their blogs.  --  WEBSITE TRAFFIC Value:  High  -  Great place to get your blog articles noticed and drive traffic to your site or to find bloggers in your industry.  --  BRANDING Value:  High  -  As long as your article doesn’t read like an ad this is one of the best places for online press promotion of your brand.  --   CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION:  Low   - But Digg wasn’t meant for direct communication with your customers. Use FaceBook or Twitter for that. Digg is an article submission site to get you posted on other people’s blogs. Avenue 25 has some of the top Phoenix, AZ advertising, web designers, graphic designers and internet marketing professionals in the industry. If you need any assistance with your website or marketing, please call us for a meeting.

Grand Canyon Planning Associates New clients often ask us for some URLs of websites we've created. They may even track down someone from one of the companies to do a little digging on us (after all, references you provide are usually the ones you've had exceptional experience with right?). We recently provided a proposal for a realtor who was needing some branding help and a new website. This is the letter she received after contacting one of our former clients (not a provided reference). I worked with Avenue 25 last year to redesign our website when I first joined Grand Canyon Planning Associates. Our website was VERY plain, not very user-friendly and it didn’t provide much of a reason for people to visit or return to the site. After deciding what I wanted our site to do for us, I researched companies to help. I had narrowed it down to a couple of companies – and Avenue 25 had the best pricing/creativity combination. READ MORE on our Facebook page.


web designer war picFor most Jack Nicholson once said “You can’t handle the truth!” (Watch this short YouTube video to see the truth.) How does 6 to 18 months grab you? You can’t just have a website designer make a site for you and expect to find it on Google. You need an SEO specialist and it still takes time.

With a good SEO company, your site could be on page one of Google within a few months for certain keywords if your keywords are in your domain name and the competition isn’t like the last Suns/Lakers game. But that's just for words in your domain name, other keywords will take more effort and time. The most difficult aspect to overcome is Google's “age of site” issue. Not only do they want to rank older sites first, but your site must be optimized with your desired keywords for a serious length of time before they’ll give it credibility. (Please note that Yahoo and Bing have different algorithms and ranking is generally much faster. But with 70% of the search market, Google is by far the best traffic source.)

It also takes a LOT of continuous work to make your site rank well. During this time consuming adventure, you will experience such things as instant high ranking followed by a large drop in ranks (a little joke Google plays.) Then it’s a slow, steady climb with intermittent, unexplainable stagnations and dips here and there. Finally, there will be a sudden quick climb to page one and a battle for top positions.

What do we charge to go to SEO war for you? First there is a setup fee of $1200 to $5000, and there is a monthly charge of $1200 to $3500 (and we’re on the low side.) Actual fees depend upon how many pages you want optimized, how many search phrases you want optimized for, the competition for those words and how hard you want us to work to get you there and keep yo...

Heard on NPR today: Computer hackers use programs that will "decode" your 4-character password in just one and a half minutes.  The solution?  Increase your password to 8 characters which will take this program over 2 centuries to crack! Avenue25 has a staff of the best Phoenix web developers of all Arizona advertising agencies.  Call us for your next web design project. 

phoenix social media marketing image Many of you probably “Tweet” but is it the right social media tool for your business? Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering  8 social media web sites to help you decide. Here’s the scoop on Twitter.     What it is: Twitter has been termed a “micro-blogging” site. It allows you to post and send short 140 character messages about anything happening with you, your business or web site at the moment. It also allows you to add short URL links in the Tweet.   --  SEO Value:  Low   – Although a tweet might momentarily rank high in searches, it’s of little value to your web site. URLs in your tweets are too short for SEO use.  --   WEBSITE TRAFFIC Value:  Medium   – If you’re very good at it, there is big potential to drive traffic to your website. But it’s a dodgy undertaking. Many try it, few succeed. Successful ones put lots of time and creativity into it or they hire a pro.   --   BRANDING Value:  High  – Let your fingers fly! Twitter is an excellent tool to promote your brand to current customers. It integrates well with your website driving interested visitors to your Twitter page where (if you’re not a twit) your engaging and creative communication skills give personality to your brand developing loyalty and "Re-Tweets" of your witty and interesting comments.  --  CUSTOMER COMMUNICATION Value:  ...

Branding goes shabby chic.


Social media is the latest marketing buzz word. But what is it and do you need it? Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be writing this Leveraging Social Media column to help you understand the differing values of the major social media sites as they relate to marketing your business. Businesses small and large are scrambling to hit the social media landscape, but honestly, most just don’t know what they’re doing. They’ll insist they need a Facebook and Twitter presence, but don’t know why. The purpose of this column will be to provide you with a clear understanding of these tools so you can choose the one(s) right for you. What Is Social Media Marketing? Social media is simply a different way of connecting with your customer. It is a more personal connection which takes place on a website. It all started with internet website blogging then sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn popped up. Now companies can virtually “talk” with their customers on a personal level through one of these sites. Visitors or “friends” of a company page usually expect some kind of special deal or discount for being a “friend” of the brand. It’s also a good place to meet with other people who share your love for a brand. The “talk” can be through the typed conversation, short article, a few words or even through video. Where does Social Media Marketing fit in with your corporate marketing department? Because of the necessary constant flow of text and the need for proficient writing skills, I see social media as an arm of the public relations department which must work closely with the promotions department. Larger corporations may appoint a person or people to act as the “voice” or “personality” of the organization through one or more of the organization’s social media sites. Or they might hire a social media marketing company like Avenue 25 to either provide these full services or for consulting. Although social media marketing is in its infancy, it is very effective when handled properly. Marketing professionals around the world are still trying to forecast the ...


"When two men in business always agree, one of them is unnecessary."

--William Wrigley Jr.

Hope it doesn't take off though. How will I store photos, wrap Christmas gifts, build dioramas, put my turtle, or file my receipts for tax time?

So you think you’ll use a script style font in your brochure because it’s pretty. Or maybe you have some strange love affair with Comic Sans or some new techno-funky font out there. Well you’re probably chasing business away. We’ve been preaching this to clients for almost 20 years. Most of them agree to our pleas, but there’s always that crazy one out there who insists on using a bad font for whatever reason. If you’re one of those people intent on using “pretty” script fonts in your marketing materials or website design, perhaps this study will bring you to your senses (and put more dough in your purse.)

Back in my beautiful home state of Michigan,
Hyunjin Song and Norbert Schwarz of the University of Michigan Psych. Department did a little research. Three studies were conducted in which various students read instructions printed in either an easy to read font or a hard to read font. The easy to read 12 point Arial font was used and hard to read fonts Brush and Mistral were used for comparison. One set of instructions was for an aerobic exercise and the other was a recipe for making a Japanese Roll. After reading the instructions, the participants were asked how long they thought it would take to learn the exercise or to make the Japanese Roll. Get this, the participants who received the instructions written in a hard to read font believed it would take them 59% (Brush) and 83% (Mistral) longer than did the people who read the instructions in the easy to read font (Arial.) Just as important is that they also thought it would require more skill and were less willing to engage in the activity.

But before you go rushing off to change
everything in your system to Arial, don't. Arial might be a fine choice for some applications, like this blog for instance, but certainly not for others. There are numerous things to consider ...

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